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Sea Glass Colour Palette on Pinterest!

What do you think?

I love colour palettes and have begun making my own using photographs I’ve taken.

All copyrights remain with the owner of this photograph, Mairi Thompson 2018
Original photograph by Mairi Thompson

I think I’m going to have fun matching colours with my sea glass collection.

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Photo Challenges on Instagram

Do you ever take part in photo challenges on Instagram? I’ve done a few and find it really helpful in keeping my account active. I can’t say I’ve been especially great at completing each challenge mind you.

I’m participating in two at the moment, one for Coastal Crafts with crafty_costello and one for Etsy Christmas In July, which means I’m getting to share my summery sea glass pics as well as my wintry Christmas makes.

I’d love to hear what social media challenges you like. Pop a link in the comments if you have one.

mairidesign sea glass challenge 1

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Pottery Coffee Mugs and Pots!

Blog share today. Lovely ceramics from Dawn Whitehand in Australia. Definitely worth popping over to read and see her coffee mugs on the wheel.

Dawn Whitehand: Visual Artist

Its been a while since I’ve been on the wheel, apart from demonstrating in classes – mainly because I am so busy with classes.

Regular readers may know that last October I moved my home studio into a shop in Ballarat Central. This means I have increased my pottery classes, have introduced mosaic classes, and have also invited guest artists to run workshops. As well there are also art supplies, an exhibition space and locally made giftware. All this adds up to a very busy routine.

A little while ago, however, I received an order for some mugs, so this provided a need and some inspiration to jump back on the wheel. The order was for mugs made from BRT clay, so I conditioned a bag to make it nice and soft for fast centring and jumped in the saddle.

The order was for four mugs, so I made twelve…

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Sea Glass Earrings

Etsy has written a blog about the 2018 summer trend for earrings and bold, bright, chunky statement pieces are in. Whether you buy ready to wear jewellery or make them yourself, it’s time to have fun.

These earrings may be small and lightweight but they are, certainly, bright, fun little jars of mini sea glass chips. Each piece has been smoothed by the waves, the sand and the pebbles, over decades, to leave little reminders of their past lives.

On the rarity scale, red and blue are at the top, making these a hard earned creation, after many bent back mornings on the beach, spotting the sun glistening off the sparkling gems.

Blue sea glass may once have been apothecary bottles, and red sea glass may have come from ship’s lanterns, or perhaps from decorative glasswear. White sea glass is the most common and usually was a window, a bottle or a jar. Whatever they once were, they can continue their journey through these earrings, as little bottled messages from the past.

Should you be interested in making your own jewellery, I’d be happy to sell you some sea glass from my collection.

Etsy Blog: Buy or DIY:Chic Summer Statemnet Earrings

Wedding Favours

For centuries it has been common for the bridal couple to give each guest a piece of wedding cake and a little souvenir gift of their big day in order to share their luck.


Wedding favours originated among the French aristocracy and were called bonbonnieres. They would typically be a small box, made of crystal or precious stones, containing sugared almonds or other sweet treats.

This tradition spread across Europe, Italians gave chocolate and Spaniards gave orange blossoms and the English gave love knots made of ribbon and lace. Also, in the Middle East, the bride gave five almonds to represent fertility, wealth, longevity, health and happiness.

Today, the couple may give their guests a pretty bonbonniere favour. This is usually made from several layers of netting, filled with sugared almonds and tied with a ribbon. I used to make these and they are beautiful when puffed up to display their opulence.

Sea Glass Jar Mix Rope 1But, less traditional gifts are very popular just now and couples are keen to find something a little bit different or something that fits with their theme, such as these little jars filled with mini sea glass gems, for a keepsake of their wedding by the beach. 

You may choose to leave them without decoration or add a shell and charm.

Sea Glass Jar Shell Charm 2Sea Glass Jar Mix 1







Please visit my Etsy shop or contact me directly to order your sea glass wedding favours.



Your Story Does Not End Here

As soon as I found you on the beach that day, I knew you were very special. A broken black heart, with a gentle green centre, such a beauty to behold. Alas, the time has come, I must let you go. I have healed your flaws with gold and prepared you for your life ahead. Your story does not end here.

This really is one of my most favourite pieces of glass. It’s so dark and smooth and its flaws are a testament to all it has endured over the decades.

Black Heart 14ab

Black glass is very difficult to spot as it looks just like a black stone, and it’s only when you hold it up to the light, that you see its beauty within. The true colour can be green, brown, blue, red or purple. It is regarded as very rare in the sea glass world (8/10 on the Carter Rarity Guide).

Now available to buy on my Etsy shop

Sea Glass Collection

Sea Glass Collection from #mairidesign

Each piece of sea glass is unique, a gift from the sea, created from broken shards we have strewn into it over the years. We may never know where these pieces of glass came from but they have their own story and can now be enjoyed in our personal collections or transformed and worn as beautiful items of jewellery.

My sea glass gems were gathered by my husband and I, on the beaches of Catalonia on the Costa Brava, after being tumbled in the surf waves of the Mediterranean Sea and washed ashore for us to find.

I enjoy their beauty as the sun shines on them and I carefully select each gem to use in making my sea glass jewellery for you to enjoy as well.

You may visit my Etsy Shop Sea Glass Jewellery Section or contact me directly to purchase via PayPal.Me